Smart Alarm: weather-based iphone app

Mobile Apps: Thurs 12th December 2009

A new alarm has been developed which wakes you up earlier if the weather is unexpectedly poor. The app is called Smart Alarm, and can be downloaded from the iphone app store.

The clever app uses local weather sources to check for any conditions that may affect travel. Although this is not a mobile marketing app, what it shows two key factors that mobile users associate with the media: personalisation and innovation.

In the UK, it seems that almost any weather - snow to rain to a simple leaf - seems to effect travel arrangements, so a better app would be one that contacts your selected travel service - rail, tube or road - to see if there were any unexpected delays. Although some developers have looked at this type of app, supply of this kind of data raises the issue of cost to the user. It also raises issues of liability where an app relies on third party data connect to an alarm.

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Written By: Paul Norman (First Tutors)