5.2% CTR for Goodyear SMS advertising

Campaigns: Weds 19th August 2009

Goodyear SMS mobile marketing campaign

Results for the tire manufacturer's Polish mobile marketing campaign, Time For Winter Tires has been revealed.

A SMS campaigned aimed at raising awareness amongst men was launched in October 2008 and ran for 15 days. The campaign was focused on Polish men aged 25-54, who are also using the mobile Internet. A total of 80,000 messages were sent out.

To get readers interested, Goodyear included a competition offering free tires and mobile handsets as prizes. The SMS message, which was sent, translates into "It is time for Goodyear winter tires. Fifteen sets of tires and 15 mobile phones worth 25000 PLN to win! Visit wap.gy.plus.pl."


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The integrated campaign encouraged recipients to visit a mobile website via a WAP link with product details, list of winners and terms & conditions of the competition. The website received over 2.2m impressions and SMS messages had a 5.2% click through rate (CTR) to the site.

Overall the campaign received a 1.2% conversion rate and positive feedback from the company: "We have been impressed with the high coversion rate - calculated as the relation of SMS registrations to the contest and a total number of visits to the mobile landing page", Mr. Piekarz.

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Written By: Paul Norman (First Tutors)