iphone apps Fail to Interest Users

Whilst mobile apps were the big news at MWC, it seems that a vast majority of iphone applications are used once and discarded. Pinch Media analysed 30 million downloads which showed that:

Only 30% of people who buy from Apple's app store, use the application the day after downloading it. It's even worse for free applications, with 95% of people never using it or just using it once. Over time, only about 10% of the applications keep the user's attention. Typically these are apps such as Facebook or movie listings.

This trend has been noted previously, but the Pinch Media survey has given more weight to this. In terms of the apps market, however it may not necessarily be a bad thing. With 15,000 applications in the app store and no way to try the app before buying, there will be a large number of users downloading and discarding applications.

From the mobile marketing point of view, however, this trend is more worrying. If most users are viewing an app just once, at best, then where is the potential for advertisers to engage users through applications?

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Written By: Paul Norman (First Tutors)