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Formation provides a complete mobile marketing solution. We combine mobile strategy development and consultancy services, with advanced technology to deliver effective campaigns.

Engage, Acquire, Retain

Mobile marketing is the newest digital channel. Mobile phones are the devices that most of us have with us most of the time. SMS, is universal and over 90% of texts are read (unlike email where just 25% are opened). There are many technologies - from iphones to apps, from location services to QR - these give marketers so exciting creative opportunities.

Mobile marketing has great potential for customer engagement and to bring excellent results. As it is such a personal medium, there is also a narrow permission spectrum for marketing. Along with the various regulatory issues, it is essential that mobile marketing campaigns are carefully planned and targeted.

Mobile Advertising Agency

Strategy, Consulting, Training

We bring our experience in mobile marketing to make sense of all these issues and integrate them into your marketing strategy. How do you engage with customers? How do we get their mobile numbers? How do you get their permission? What are the best technologies to use? What are the legal compliance and best practice issues?

Our consultancy service looks at your organisation's overall marketing values and creates a mobile strategy, which compliments it. We provide training to your organisation to help understand this mobile strategy, and finally we provide the tools to deliver it to your customers.

The Right Tools

The engine of our mobile campaign delivery is our platform, txt4ever. Through this we can deliver all of the key requirements - SMS, MMS, vouchering, shortcodes, QR and handset optimised content. Additionally, in conjunction with our partners we provide Bluetooth proximity marketing, app development and data services, such as data cleansing.

Our campaigns are operated on an open accounting basis, where information and progress can be viewed online, at any time by our clients. Additionally we provide comprehensive monthly and end of campaign reports showing all of the relevant statistics, from delivery success, to responses and opting out.

txt4ever is an industry leader. We work closely with the Direct Marketing Assosiation (DMA).

We also provide agencies with strategy development and managed service to run marketing campaigns.

All the tools you need:

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Written By: Paul Norman (First Tutors)